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   IPC (Integrated Physics and Chemistry), a high school science course, is a Type A grant awarded to the University of Houston- College of Education. ‘IPC Goes to the Movies’ is a science course module that includes a unique set of activities and lessons that IPC teachers can use to draw students into thinking and learning about the physics and chemistry-based world in which they live. In collaboration with Steve Wolf (Science in the Movies©) and his team of experts, IPC Goes to the Movies brings together the science of special movie effects into the classroom. With Steve Wolf's engaging video clips with the lessons and activites, IPC learning has never been so much fun!  

 ~The topics addressed in this education program are listed below.~

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IPC Goes to the Movies

Science in the Movies





Fast and Furious Extreme Matter Hot Wired Mission Impossible Catch a Wave Crystal Clear Science

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IPC teachers are introduced to 6 exciting unit of instruction that promote 36 inquiry and technology based exploration experiences. Each unit engages students with exciting video clips from movies and stunt.
  • Misconception research specific to physics and chemistry concepts
  • Pre and post assessments of concepts, principles, nature of science, & student inquiry
  • Teaching tips, strategies for teachers and students
  • Standards-based activities using simple, easy to obtain materials
  • Ideas for mentoring IPC teachers
  • Sample course syllabi for facilitators, instructions, and teachers





*Type A Grant Information:
Approximately $3.6million will be available in Type A grants to support the development of teacher training modules in mathematics and science for teachers of grades 6-12, during 2004-2005.

Funds will be competitively distributed in Texas through the Teacher Quality Grants Program, and through joint efforts of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the Texas Education Agency. The Teacher Quality Grants Program was most recently reauthorized in 2001 as Title II--Part A of the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ACT.

The Teacher Quality Grants--Type A are designed to support the development and implementation of 12 uniform and comprehensive teacher training modules which are aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and can be used for professional development of teachers of grades 6-12.
The 12 modules include:

  • Part I: Middle School Math
  • Part II: Middle School Math
  • Part I: Middle School Science
  • Part II: Middle School Science
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Integrated Physics and Chemistry (IPC)

Twelve grants awards of up $300,000 will be made to support the development of these modules. The development of the modules must include collaborative efforts between higher education institutions and local school districts in the areas of mathematics and science.

The Board will approve recommendations for 2004-2005 Type A awards at its January 29-30,2004 meeting. Projects funded under Type A applications are for up to 12 months.

All public colleges, private colleges, universities and non-profit organizations of proven effectiveness in educating secondary mathematics and science teachers are eligible to apply for Type A grants under the Teacher Quality Grants Program.

  For information, contact the Teacher Quality Grants office at
Or go to their website for further information.





*Project Directors:
*IPC Training and Production Crew:
Science Script Writers
  • Rima Alexander, M.Ed., Alief ISD (email)
  • Lynn Bachellor, Aldine ISD (email)
  • Fran Marintsch, Spring Branch ISD (email)
Chief Production Assistan
  • Gisele Dwyer, University of Houston (email)
Special Effects and Video Production
  • Steve Wolf, Science in the Movies© (email)
  • John Alvord, Editor Justin Fay, Associate Producer (email)
  • Lauran James, Senior Research Assistant (email)
  • Gary Walker, Science Animation (email)
Script Reviewers
  • Lynette Busceme, Humble ISD (email)
  • Barbara Foots, Science Consultant (email)
  • Dan Felske, Ed.D., Harris Country Department of Education (email)
  • Melissa Matsu, Fort Bend ISD (email)
  • Xandra Williams-Earlie, Aldine ISD (email)
Art & Technology Production Assistant
  • Velvette Manzano-Ramirez, University of Houston (email)
Materials & Props Specialist
  • Holly Ahern, Science Kit©  (email)



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 *Software Downloads:



  • In order to watch the engaging film clips you will need to download Quick Time free media player (if you do not already have it installed on your computer). For the smaller film clips download Windows Media player.
  • Downloading time of the free software and of the film clips will depend on your connection speed to the internet. Please be patient in order to enjoy the clips which will enhance learning for students and teachers.
  • In order to view and print the IPC lessons and documents please download the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
















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