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by Evelyn O'Krinsky

Exploratory Activities (Introductory/Focus)

This lesson is to be given at the beginning of the school year to familiarize the students with the computer lab and the Internet. This activity will also give students a resource for writing future essays.



Each 9th grade English student shall be able to access the Internet from the school lab using their passwords.

Each 9th grade English students shall be able to explore an Internet web site and obtain information.

Each pair of 9th grade English students shall explore a given web site and answer questions about how to write essays.


Materials, Resources, Software

1. a computer lab with Internet access 2. a handout of questions 3. A working address of


Concept Development Activities (Procedures/Activities)


Guided Practice- After receiving lessons on the writing process and having been given a demonstration on how to access the web site, students will go to the web site and find the answer to three practice questions as a class.


Independent Practice- Each pair of students will answer the questions about writing that can be found on the web page. There will be a prize for the first ones finished.


Closure- The teacher will review the important points of the lesson and go over the question sheet.



This activity can be easily extended by having the students do future research assignments on the web and writing assignments throughout the year.


Originality and Creativity


Student Products/Evaluation


Written- Students will write the answers to the questions on the sheet and latter will apply the information in essays of their own.



Kinesthetic-Student must become use to operating a mouse for navigation.


Visual- Students will need to read the web page for information.



Scavenger Hunt for the Web Site

Directions: Go to the Internet address above and explore the links to find the answers to the following questions. Remember, to use the computer you must know your 6 digit id number and your 4 digit SASI number. These numbers are located on your schedule card, and you should memorize them.

Practice questions:

  1. After looking at the home page, put the following topic and subtopics in the order that they appear in the web site: Computerized-Graded Quizzes, Sentence Level, Anomalous Anonymies, Paragraph Level, Essay Level, Ask Grammar!
  2. What does a sentence fragment not contain (in red print)?
  3. What three questions do adverb clauses answer?
  4. What is the first two words in the list of words that we should avoid?
  5. What is the last highlighted prepositional phrase in Hemingway’s "Hills Like White Elephants"?
  6. What must a pronoun agree in number with?
  7. What is mnemonics as applied to spelling?
  8. What is clustering in the writing process?
  9. What is a thesis statement?

10. What was the narrator’s moral in Twain’s "The Danger of Lying in Bed"?

This site is no longer being maintained, but will remain online for the use of educators.