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Uploading Web Documents Using WS_FTP95 LE

Use this tutorial, while you are using WS_FTP, by simply toggling between this screen and WS_FTP95 LE screen.

Screen One- Connecting to PDTS

Screen Two-Orienting to the WS_FTP Screen

Screen Three-Locating Proper Directories

Screen Four-Creating Directories

Screen Five-Selecting Files for Transfer

Screen Six-Transferring files

Screen Seven-Closing the Connection


screen 1

This is the first screen you will see when accessing the WS_FTP program.

This is where you need to insert your Host name, User ID, and Password. If connecting to the UH server, just replace the User ID and password, and then click on OK.

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 You will hear a train whistle when the connection is made.


This is the screen you will see once you are connected to the PDTS server. The files showing on the left are files residing on the local system; the computer from which you are connecting. The files and folders showing on the right are those which reside on the remote system, which is the PDTS server.

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screen 3

Notice that the directory named homepage has been highlighted. This is where the folders and files you need to post will be stored. Click on the remote system folder called homepage. When you do this, the word homepage will be added to the location bar after your user ID.

During the course of the semester there may be many class assigned web pages you must post. It is a good idea to house each web page in its own folder, both on your computer and on the server. In WS_FTP they are called directories. To do this click on MKDIR.

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Make the directory name, something to describe the web page you are going to upload to the server. In this example, the directory has been named Eudora.

Once you have created a new directory, click on it. The new directory name will then be added to the location bar, after the directory named homepage.

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Next, highlight the files that need to be transferred. They will be on the LEFT part of the screen. Once they are highlighted, click on the directional arrow in the middle of the screen. This will copy the files from the local side to the remote system side.

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Once the transfer of files is complete, you will hear an audible ZING.

The files will now be listed on the remote system side of the screen.

More than one file can be selected at a time when uploading. To do this, click on the first file and drag to the last file that you wish to be transferred. Then click on the directional arrow to initiate the transfer.

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After your transfers are complete. You can click on EXIT. This will close your connection to the remote server.


You have successfully maneuvered through the process of uploading your web documents!!


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