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by Joe Lynch

Exploratory Activities (Introductory/Focus)

Form students into a mock legislative body based on their self-defined political profiles.

Have them discuss what things they would like to change in their classroom/school/community.

Have them propose simple laws and vote on them.






Understand the steps in the legislative process.

Understand how they can affect the political system.

Learn how to use the Internet to contact elected officials.


Concept Development Activities (Procedures/Activities)




Guided Practice

Students use Web based tutorial and Web based instructions to develop searching skills.





Independent Practice

Student searches for targets on the Internet related to their domains of concern such as PAC pages, official government pages and e-mail addresses and the Web sites of elected officials.



Martin Luther King or others can be presented as examples of individuals who made a difference. Students are asked to think about what differences they would like to bring about and how they might go about achieving these changes.







Students should check the daily newspaper for relevant material and bring articles into class for discussion.





Materials, Resources, Software

Networked computers

Internet connection

Web browser


Originality and Creativity


Student Products/Evaluation


Personal political profile

Email to elected officials







Students will discuss issues in mock legislative body

Students will discuss what they want to change.








Mock Legislative Body

Web searching







Computer based activities.







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