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Exploratory Activities (Introductory/Focus)

1) Review of Explorers to be used: Columbus, Magellan, Cortez, Hudson, and Drake

2) Discuss the packet: You will be a member of one of the exploration teams. You and your crew mates will return with evidence as to the area you explored, what was found, evidence of inhabitants, etc.






8th Grade American History

Study of the Exploration of the New World 




Concept Development Activities (Procedures/Activities)

 Crew will research the various sites for information that will help explain which explorer they are, where they went, and what was found.

Crew will make presentation to the monarchy producing evidence of their discoveries.




Guided Practice

 Previous worksheet used as review before starting project






Independent Practice






Presentation to the class followed.

Test?quiz on these explorers















Materials, Resources, Software

Exploration Packet having what is expected.

Websites that have been Whacked

ClarisWorks Draw/Paint and Word Hyper Studio or PowerPoint


Originality and Creativity

Student Products/Evaluation

Must have:1 map showing route taken the New World, 1 drawing of ship taken on voyage, 5 examples of wildlife in the area, 5 examples of the culture, and list of supplies taken on the trip and why these were chosen.





Diary/log will be kept by each member of crew









Presentation by the crew to the monarchy and subjects











 Maps /Drawings may be handmade or with the used of a Draw or Paint programs








 Crew will make presentation using PowerPoint or Hyperstudio








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