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Ronda Ogden




What happened in 1836 at the Alamo has always been an area of interest to students. The students will discover the size of the Alamo and artifacts of the time period. This information will be used in later lessons to connect the consequences of such a large perimeter and so few men. The students will also learn in later lessons the strategic value of this location and its effect on the Battle of San Jacinto.


Materials, Resources, Software

A Multimedia History of Early Texas

Published by Archimedia Interactive

2700 Fairmont

Atrium Court

Dallas, TX 75201

(214) 880-9090




Concept Development Activities (Procedures/Activities)

Independent Practice:

  • A computer will be set up with the software History of Texas. The students will work in-groups to navigate through the virtual tour of the Alamo gathering artifacts. Artifacts will be recorded on paper along with the location where it was found. This information will be used in additional projects.
  • Closure:

  • Students will share their project with the other members of the class and if possible invite other classes to look at their finished project.

    Originality and Creativity:

    Students will need to do additional research on the Internet and in the library to complete the following activities.

    Student Products/Evaluation:

  • Each student will be responsible for completing a project related to the Alamo unit. The students can work in-groups or individually. The projects do not fit neatly into learning styles since students with a variety of learning styles will be in-groups.



  • Written:

  • Write a historical fiction story from the viewpoint of one of the people at the Alamo. This story will be published in our class newspaper.
  • OR

  • Write a newspaper article telling of events that happened at the Alamo. Draw a picture to go along with this article. This will be published in our class newspaper.
  • Verbal:

  • Create a slide presentation using the computer program Hyperstudio or PowerPoint. It must contain at least 5 slides with graphics. You will share these with the other classes.


  • Design a role-play of what happened at one of the locations in the Alamo. This will be presented in our class in two weeks.


  • Choose another famous location in history. Draw a blueprint of that site. Add artifacts that could be found there. These will be displayed in our room.
  • OR

  • Make a model of the Alamo using your choice of art medium. These will be displayed in our library.


    If students have a different creative idea for a project they will be approved by the teacher.

  • This site is no longer being maintained, but will remain online for the use of educators.