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This vault contains social studies instructional lesson plans created by faculty, classroom teachers, and students. The information and media objects contained in each lesson plan are original work and may be freely downloaded and used for educational purposes. If you reference any pages, please credit the author of the work.

Celebrate Texas!

This lesson teaches students to understand and enjoy studies of Texas History, past and present.

Hispanic Celebration

The instructional goal for this lesson is to introduce the learner to Mexico's culture, people, language and celebration of traditions. Each student develops their own Cultural Report Slide Show.

Unite the School
Celebrate the cultural diversities of our campus.
Texas Symbols
This lesson studies the state of Texas through the use of symbols.
The Industrial Revolution
This lesson studies the Industrial Revolution, both past and present.
Investigating Countries of the World
This lesson concentrates on World geography.
Exploration of the New World
This lesson takes students through some activities concentrating on the first explorers to the New World.
Map Skills
This lesson plan can be used as a center or as enrichment when studying map skills.
Government and Change
This lesson plan can be used when studying the parts of government, and how laws are made.

The Alamo

This plan teaches students about the Alamo.

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