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Activities Three and Four

ACTIVITY:  Become a worker.  In 1922 Henry Ford offered workers $5.00 a day (double that of any other car factory) to work for him for 12 hours a day and follow his rules:  no talking, no singing, no leaning or sitting, no smiling, no whispering, no drinking, etc.  Men jumped at the chance to work for Ford.  Write a 2 page essay (or another task your teacher gives you) about the workers in the 1800s, following all of Ford's rules.   

Teacher Note:

 A laid out simulation is available from Interact.: . It's excellent.

ACTIVITY:  Plan a 2-3 min.  persuasive speech. 

1.  Persuade your classmates to boycott Nike, JC Penney, Adidas and all of the other companies that use child labor.


2.  Argue for child labor.  It is the only way those families make money and feed themselves.  Make sure you have a sob story to get your audience on your side right from the start and then give them  3-5 arguments to convince them your position is the correct one.  Make sure your conclusion is strong. 



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