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Title of Lesson: Hispanic Celebration

Grade Level:

This topic may be taught in middle school through high school (grades 6th-12th).

Subject Area:

This topic may be covered in Spanish, English and even in History classes.

Instructional Goal:

The instructional goal for this lesson was to introduce the learner to Mexico's culture, people, language and celebration of traditions. Each student had to develop their own Cultural Report Slide Show.

Submitted By:

Monica Enriquez, Spanish Teacher

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Supply List

Learning Strategies

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Performance Objectives

Computer Hardware and Software Required

Prerequisite Student Skills

Evaluation Procedures

Instructional Strategies


Time Frame

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To introduce Spanish I and II students to information about the Hispanic culture.

Performance Objectives:

Students will use technology to research and create Hispanic cultural reports on Hispanic countries and important Hispanic people.

Instructional Strategies:

Note from teacher: Students will be encouraged to do several activities on this topic. Below are ideas that I have used with my students and have been very fun and very successful.

For the past three years that I have been teaching, I have assigned a Cultural Report to each of my students. My first level Spanish classes were assigned a country in which they had to research, type two pages, and present. The student's material including visual aides to their classmates. I video taped each of their presentations and once every one had completed their cultural reports, I allowed them to view their recorded presentations in class. They enjoyed watching themselves on television!

This year I tried a new way of presenting information. This was a very educational experience for my students and myself. We learned a great deal of information on this topic. Each student had to present a Hispanic Cultural Report Slide Show. It does take about (3-4 weeks to complete), but it is worth the work!

Each student included their very best ideas and applied it to their reports. Please see my student's work and a suggested Presentation Checklist.

Spanish I classes did their Cultural Report Slide Show on a country. Teacher discussed which areas of the country students believe may have large Spanish-speaking populations and they were marked on a wall map with push pins. Each student had to do a total of ten slides in their slide show. I had asked each student to also include a graphic on each page, and include at least three sentences about what each picture symbolized.

List of Countries for students: Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chili, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Espana, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Republica Pominicana, Costa Rico, Panama, El Salvador.

Students corresponded to individuals by email from other countries. Keypals were gathered using the Intercultural Email Classroom Connections site:

Students made a report about their experience corresponding with another Spanish speaking student. What "real world" things did students learn about Spanish? Which regions have preserved their Spanish culture? How have the Spanish keypals improved their understanding about the culture?

Spanish II classes did a Cultural Report Slide Show on a famous Hispanic person such as Evita Peron, Pablo Picasso Diego Rivera etc... Each student had to do a slide show containing ten pictures and an explanation of each picture also had to be included. See How to create a ClarisWorks Slide Show.

Suggested List of Hispanic People for students to chose from: "Pancho" Francisco villa, Cesar Chavez, Jaime Escalante, Fidel Castro, Roberto Clemente, Hernan Cortez, Evita Peron, Pablo Picasso, Diego Rivera, Gloria Esteban, Carlos Santanna.


Each student received a detailed hand-out which included step by step instructions on what I expected on their reports. Each slide show page included a graphic and three sentences explaining what each picture symbolized.

Each student had to have done the research prior to using the computer. Each student had to prepare a rough draft on a sheet of paper and had to be approved by me before starting on their slide show (Hint: Have the students fold a legal piece of paper in 8 squares. On each square, back and front, students can jot notes about their presentation).

Supply List:

Teacher can display posters of Hispanic festivals, maps of countries with Hispanic culture or recognized Hispanic people. Hispanic music can be played for the class such as: .

Computer Hardware and Software Required:

Each student had to have a new formatted disk for this project. All students had to label their projects the same way (In the long run it makes it much easier to find the file). Each student, also, used a Macintosh computer and ClarisWorks.


Students used the encyclopedias in the school library, newspaper articles, magazines, electronic card catalog, books on assigned topic, and CD ROM encyclopedias. Music resources for students: Erique Iglesias, Thalia, Shakira, Lucero. Amanda Miguel, Emilo Navarra.


Related WWW Sites

BHSN Spanish Home Page-Lee

This site contains links to Spanish-speaking countries, Spanish web pages from other schools, links to publications in Spanish, Spanish currency information and assignments for 1st year Spanish and Advanced Spanish.

The World Heritage List

This is UNESCO's World Heritage list of Nations and links to information about those nations.

Hispanic Reading Room: The Library of Congress

This Library of Congress site includes information about using the Hispanic reading room, special Hispanic events & recent Hispanic publications.

Special Collections in the Library of Congress Archive of Hispanic Culture

Contains photographs of Latin American art and architecture.

Latino Resources at the Smithsonian

This is an overview of the Smithsonian's Hispanic resources and how to order hard copies of information.

The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Latin American Studies

Information about LA Studies indexed by countries and subjects.

Mundo Hispano

History, fiestas, Spanish expressions and favorite links of the Ralph Bunche School in Harlem.

Foreign Language Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles in many languages are in this site.

Learning Strategies:

Due to the time limitations for gaining access to the computer lab, students were encouraged to complete their research before going to the lab. Also, students were asked to help each other find information from the resources in the library and classroom. Students were asked to tell what they thought about the project and the topic that was researched. The student's evaluation and ideas are a very important part of the assignment. The lists of topics and students were posted by the teacher in the classroom.

In the computer lab, the students who could use ClarisWorks Slide Show were encouraged to help the students who were having trouble. The atmosphere in the classroom, whether in the classroom, the library or the computer lab, is one in which the students help each other and each student's ideas and thoughts are considered important. The teacher's role was one of facilitator, mentor and research consultant.

Note from the teacher: These learning strategies helped encourage students apply technology during learning. In this case, students were encouraged to use the computer slide show as a way of introducing other students to Latin American Countries and to Famous Latin American People.

Prerequisite Student Skills:

Enthusiastic about Learning and Using Computers! "JUST DO IT!"

Time Frame:

Student will need about three days to do research and about ten days to use the computer. As a teacher, you may consider devoting three days in the library to do research and seven days in the computer lab. Give the student about four weeks to finish the project. This should give everyone ample time to complete their reports.

Career Connections:

Some possible career connections that may help encourage students would be a career as an educator, historian, archeologist, news reporter, Latin American Consulate, World Affairs, computer specialist, computer programmer, computer information systems, weather person, computer and graphic designer ... just to name a few.

Communicate Results:

Students presented their Hispanic Cultural Slide Show reports to the class. This gave everyone the opportunity to look at each others work!! Each student made comments about their research which led to classroom discussions and a learning environment. The teacher was the observer and leader of the discussions as the projects were shown to the class.

Evaluation Procedures:

This Cultural Report Project was worth 20% of their six weeks grade. I evaluated these Cultural Reports by individually looking at each report. I followed my guidelines and compared each slide show page to what they should have had. Students viewed all the projects as a class and commented on each other's work.

Set New Challenge:

For the Cinco de Mayo celebration on May 5 , I will work with a student and do research on the significance of this famous Hispanic Festival. After we carefully research this topic, the student and I will prepare this Cultural Report together. We will focus on this very famous and important celebration. We will include pictures, music, and incorporate all of this on a slide show and show his to all my Spanish Classes on Cinco de Mayo. I feel that this Hispanic celebration could be incorporated with the lesson plan for that week. This should be fun and informational for all my students.

Foreign Language Crossword Puzzles

Students can do Spanish Crossword Puzzles from this site

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