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Celebrate Texas!

Grade Level: 6-8

Subject Area: Social Studies & Texas History

Instructional Goal: Students understand and enjoy studies of Texas History, past and present.

Submitted By: Dawn Burkhart and Trudy Driskell


Rationale Supply List Learning Strategies Communicate Results
Performance Objectives Computer Hardware and Software Required Prerequisite Student Skills Evaluation Procedures
Instructional Strategies Resources Time Frame Set New Challenge
Preparation Related WWW Sites Career Connections Associated Lesson Titles

Rationale: Increasing student pride in the state, understanding of the vast area and diversity of Texas and increasing the student's continued interest in learning past and present information about Texas.

Performance Objectives: Students will learn about the different geographic regions of the state and how those regions influenced history. Students will become familiar about the history that made the state famous and great.

Instructional Strategies: This unit of study should be done in a cooperative learning environment as well as in individual project assignments. A supportive learning environment, one in which students can create their own ideas, both individually and collaboratively, needs to be provided. For this student-centered classroom approach the teacher should have the resources and ideas for students at the beginning of the project assignment (challenge) but should brainstorm with the students about the exact direction that the class might take during the study. The teacher is responsible for constant feedback and support as the students work to improve student performance. In order for learners to receive maximum benefit from feedback, the feedback should be supplied as soon as possible. Flexibility is most important for the teacher. The "hands-on" and "problem-solving" type situations take time, so applying the appropriate investigational or analytical strategies is important. Students need to feel that they have the competence and the right to make significant decisions about the projects they work on. They need to be fully involved, acquire confidence in their ability to reason, and enjoy the activities.




Preparation: This area of study can be shortened or extended to suit time frame of teacher.

Supply List: Texas Almanac, Encyclopedias, Various fact books on Texas in school library and Info Track.

Computer Hardware and Software Required: Computers, Printers, Integrated Software Package, Multimedia authoring package such as HyperStudio, HyperCard, Kid Pix, Claris Home Page, Adobe PageMill, and a modem with WWW connection.

Resources: Experts in the field of Texas History: Don Perkins, webmaster for the Armadillo web site and the resources at the Texas Historical Commission.

Related WWW Sites

Texas County Information Available The site contains information about every county in Texas.
Birthplace of Texas Web Page This site contains information about the San Jacinto Monument and Battlefield, the Battleship TEXAS and has a clickable map of the Texas State Park.
State of Texas Government World Wide Web This site boast "all about Texas for Texans."
Greetings from Texas http://WWW.TravelTex.COM/PostcardsFromTexas.html? This is the site that you can send a pictorial postcard from Texas.
Texas State Historical Associations This site has links of interest for Texas studies, university homepages, museums and links to Texas State Offices.
Texas Historical Commission Texas trivia and all sorts of information about the state's history is in this site.
Armadillo The Armadillo site is a vast resource for information about Texas with information about the environment, to maps, the Texas State Seal and the Texas Constitution.
Texas HomePage  
Texas Legislature Online  
Yahoo - State of Texas County Information _ States/Texas/Counties_and_Regions/  
Cowboy Poems  
Texas Through Time Living History Project This site contains recipes using mesquite beans, lots of Texas information, poems and art as well as Latino sites.
USA CityLink This site will let you "visit" a city in the US/Texas.
Welcome to Texas Everything about the cities of Texas! Great reference site for students.

Learning Strategies: Students use social construction of knowledge, develop ownership of materials, are embedded in realistic and relevant content, use multiple modes of presentation and understand multiple perspectives.

Prerequisite Student Skills: Students should be able to use an integrated package of software and have an understanding of multimedia packages.

Time Frame: Decided by teachers.

Career Connections: Historian, Archeologist, Ecologist, Geographer, Cartographer.

Communicate Results: Students will present projects to classroom and teacher will display students work in classroom or throughout school.

Evaluation Procedures: Students will decide with the teacher about the evaluation process and create a rubric to evaluate their work together.

Set New Challenge: Students can create on-going projects such as an online Texas cookbook or continue to post history projects that can be shared with the community. Kiosks can be set-up for the community to show student projects.

Famous Quotes from Texans:

"the sun iz riz, the sun iz set, and here we iz, in Texas yet."

Associated Lesson Titles: Texas City Rankings, Rivers of Texas, Regions of Texas Database, My Texas History Address Book, Let's Design a Stamp, Texas Map Graphics, Texas Cities Database, E-Mail Texas Style, Texas Tall Tales

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