This web site is designed to help students become familiar with customary measurements and metric measurements. Measurements are seen and used everyday. By the sixth grade students should be able to convert and compare measurements, as stated by TEKS. Learning about measurements enforces the need for learning about fractions and decimals, and it encourages children to be actively involved in discussing and solving problems.

You have probably worked with measurements at home. Measurements can be seen in the form of inches, pounds, hours, or cups. Customary measures are usually written with fractions or mixed fractions and metric measures are written as decimals or mixed decimals, because they show part of a whole.

On this website, you will become familiar with customary measures, the history of measurements, and how to convert one unit measurement to another within the same measurement system.

There are five sections to this web site. They deal with:

Customary Measurements


units of length


units of weight


units of capacity


units of time

Metric Measurements


metric system



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This site is no longer being maintained, but will remain online for the use of educators.