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I am a BOY GIRL.

I am years old.

I am in the grade.

Answer the following questions by CHECKING the box if you AGREE.

I would like to do this website again.

The lessons helped me to understand measurement units.

I got lost in the website and didn't know what to do.

I really had to think hard to get the right answers when doing the drill and practice.

I liked doing the drill and practice section.

I liked reading about the history of measurements

I understood all of the concepts of measurements.

I would rather go through this website than doing the work in the book.

I would rather listen to my teacher talk about measurements than go through this website.

This website was a waste of time, because it was boring.

This website was too long.

I think my friends would have fun on this website.

I could not do this website by myself.

This unit was too easy for me.


On a scale of "0" (Lowest) to "10" (Highest). I would rate this website as a

What did you like the most about the unit?


What did you dislike the most about the unit?

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