Content Resources

These resources helped me decide what content I would be teaching. The content experts were the best resource to use. Without these people there would not be any content on the website. The textbooks gave me ideas on how to design my drill and practice. The web addresses gave me information mainly dealing with the history of the measurements.


Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Materials. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. 1989. Reston, Virginia.

Metrics at Work by John L.P. McCabe. Garlic Press. 1994. Eugene, OR.

The TAAS Coach Six Grade Mathematics by Gillette Irby. Educational Design. 1994. New York, NY.

Math Matters for Adults, Measurement, Geometry, and Algebra by Karen Lassiter. Steck-Vaughn Company. 1993. Austin, TX.

The Metric System

"Measurement Systems" Britannica Online.

U.S. Metric Association (USMA):History of Metrics http://lamar.ColoState.EDU/~hillger/dates.htm

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) NCTM

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Student Activities

Lessons and Ideas adapted from:

Myself of course, along with help from work, which include:


Ms. J. Crump - (above picture) Sixth grade Honors Math Teacher at W.I. Stevenson M. S., eleven years in teaching.

Ms. S. Stratton - (above picture) Sixth grade Math Teacher at W.I. Stevenson Middle School, five years in teaching.

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Activity Math: Using Manipulatives in the Classroom, Grades 4-6 by Bloomer and Carlson. Addison-Wesley. 1993. New York, NY.

Mathematics: A Good Beginning Fifth Ed. by Troutman and Lichtenberg. Brlliks/Cole Publishing Company. 1995. New York, NY.

The Nature of Science by Anthea Maton. Prentice Hall. 1994. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

Exploring Mathematics. Scott, Foresman, and Company. 1991. Glenview, Illinois


Measurement Math Objectives (Benchmarks)

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Art Explosion 40,000 Images. Nova Development Corporation. 1995. USA

Classroom Clips. Creative Pursuits. 1995.

The Clock and the Time of Day: Animated GIF. Submitted By: Dulvadee Leewiraphan, Graduate Student, University of Houston

Ruler: GIF. Submitted By: Jill Butler, Graduate Student, University of Houston.

Java Planet: Metric Converter


Other graphics are taken from Claris Homepage 2.0 and 3.0

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