Click on the outside links below to find out more about simple machines:

Bill Nye the Science Guy
    This site is dedicated to the popular children's television show.  Not only does it contain information about many science topics, it has a page on simple machines.  Check out episode 10.

The Franklin Institute Science Museum
    This museum, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has a site dedicated to science.  Check out the science activities link which has experiments using simple machines.

The Boston Museum of Science
    The Boston Museum of Science home page has many science resources.  Check out the teacher link for lesson ideas and kits available for rental dealing with simple machines.

    This is a place where teachers can exchange ideas and lesson plans via the internet.  There are lessons for each simple machine submitted by a classroom teacher.  Teachers can request different types of lesson plans.  You can also submit some of your own lessons.

Simple Machine Links
    Here is a page dedicated to links relating to simple machines.  There are resources, activities, and LEGO projects. return  

This site is no longer being maintained, but will remain online for the use of educators.