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This vault contains science instructional graphics. These graphics may be freely downloaded and used for educational purposes only. They may not be sold or repackaged in another format. If you use any images, please credit the author of the work.

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The Trail of Blood

An animated GIF showing the path of blood through the human body.


A simple diagram of a compound microscope with the parts labeled

A Science Materials Collage

A collage of natural scans and photographs of science-related materials.

A Diagram of the Human Heart

A simple drawing of the human heart showing blood flow with labels.

Emergency Room

A scan of a picture taken in a metropolitan emergency room.

Emergency Room

A scan of a picture taken in a metropolitan emergency room.


A natural scan of a syringe.


An animated gif of a plant growing.

Animal and Plant Cells

A drawing of a plant and animal cell.

DNA Structure

A picture of a DNA strand.

Scientific Classification
A drawing depicting a nemonic for scientific classification.

The Eye
A drawing of eye anatomy.

Carbon Dioxide Transport
A drawing depicting carbon dioxide transport.

The Digestive System
A drawing of the digestive system.

The Human Rocket
A picture depicting a law of physics.

Nuclear Reactor
A picture of a nuclear reactor.

The Human Ear
A picture of the inside of the human ear.

Animal and Plant Cells
A picture showing the differences between plant and animal cells.

The Tooth
A picture of the inside of a tooth.

Electrical Power from an Atom
A diagram of electrical power from an atom, using a pressurized water reactor.

The Frog
A diagram of a female frog.

The Fish
A diagram of the inside of a fish.

A picture of the famous astronomer, Galileo.

A picture of a butterfly.

A picture of a true chameleon.

A picture of a loon.

A picture of a flamingo.

A picture of an owl.

A picture of a swan.

A picture of a terrapin turtle.

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