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Lesson Plan

Concluding Activities for an author study of Marc Brown and his Arthur books.

Created by

Noreen Reid CUIN 7347 Seminar in Instructional Technology University of Houston


 Grade Level 1st-2nd grade


 Subject area: Language Arts



  • Develop descriptive writing skills
  • Find information on the World Wide Web
  • Download graphics


Materials, resources, software

  • Arthur Homepage
  • Variety of Arthur books for classroom use
  • Arthur Living Books
  • Paint or draw software



Conduct an Author Study unit on Marc Brown. Share a variety of his books and allow students to view the Arthur Living Books that are available.



Have students search for information about Marc Brown on the web. When a student finds the Arthur Homepage have him or her share it with the rest of the class. Point out the Arthur and Friends page.

Have each student select his favorite Arthur character and print the information available at this web site. Using this information the student will write a paragraph describing their favorite character. After the paragraph is completed the student will download a picture of their favorite character from the web site and insert it into their page.

When their paragraph is completed, the students may use a paint or graphic program to create a picture of their favorite character and submit it to Marc Brown for possible publication on his Homepage. gallery/index.html



Students will select or draw the name of another student in their class. Following the setup of the character sheets on the Arthur Homepage the students will interview each other and create a character page for the student they selected. The students will draw a picture using a paint or draw program to add to the character page. All the completed pages will be combined to create a Class Homepage.



Students will be evaluated in the following areas:

  • paragraph writing
  • following directions
  • creativity
  • extensions of assigned work








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