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Submitting Materials is a Web site which will serve as a storehouse of instructional materials on a variety of topics of interest to educators. More than just another Web site, is a location where educators will have permission to download any of the materials found there. These resources may be used as they are, or customized and incorporated into other instructional projects as long as they are used for educational purposes.

According to current guidelines, every work that is found on the Internet is copyrighted by its author, whether a declaration of copyright is explicitly stated or not. Copyright protects the original works of authors, artists, and composers from being reproduced, performed, or disseminated by others without permission. This protection is available for both published and unpublished works. It is the intention of to only include materials that the copyright owner has agreed to share with others in the field of education.

More information about copyright issues

Submission Guidelines is a place where educators can submit resources that they and their students create and are willing to share with others in the educational community.

Materials which are submitted for inclusion in, must be related to the field of education, and must be a resource which teachers can download and use in the preparation of educational materials for classroom use.

Materials should include a by-line, and must be error free. Additionally, the content of the submitted materials must be screened for accuracy.

Materials may be submitted either on a disk or as an electronic mail attachment.

After choosing a submission method, the author of the material should access the online release form which indicates that the work is original and may be freely shared for non-commercial, educational purposes.

For more information, please contact Bernard Robin or Sara McNeil.

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This site is no longer being maintained, but will remain online for the use of educators.