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Release Agreement

I, the undersigned, hereby grant the University of Houston and/or its assigns the right to make a photograph, film, audio recording and/or videotape of my image, voice, and/or performance and to use materials and graphics that I have created, referred to herein collectively as the "materials," and to freely modify, reproduce and distribute such materials in all or in part.

I understand that this grant of rights is for educational purposes only and not for profit or commercial use.

I understand this granting of rights includes, but is not limited to, the right to use these materials on educational web pages located on a server at the University of Houston. Such rights may be exercised and exploited by the University of Houston in such manner throughout the world as it may deem desirable in perpetuity freely and without limitation or restriction.

I also understand that materials on the web pages may be downloaded freely and without restriction by visitors to those web pages and I hereby agree that those visitors will have the same rights to use those materials as the University of Houston.

I also understand that all materials used were created by me and are original, or are in the public domain, or permission has been obtained by me for the uses comtemplated herein. I have not violated any copyright restrictions.

I agree to hold the University of Houston, its administration, employees and agents harmless from any liability, loss or damage caused by my appearance, statements or materials furnished by me.

Please provide the following information: Required information is markes with an asterisk.

*Contributor's Name

*Street Address

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*Type of contribution (lesson plan, original graphics, original text, audio clip, video clip)

Title of Contribution

Date of Submission

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