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"Magazine Reflection"

Step 1 Use facing pages in your sketchbook.
Side by side if your book opens that way, or up-down if your book opens that way.

Step 2 Find a full page magazine photo (not a magazine illustration) that you like. B/W or color, but B/W is easier on this.

Cut the photo into 10 pieces that are about the same area. They don't have to be the same shape. Shapes can be regular or not. Try to cut through interesting areas of the photo (like the face!)

Step 3 Select alternating pieces, and paste them in their correct positions on the right side of the paper. Paste the remainders on the left, also in their correct positions.

Step 4: Choose one side and shade in the missing areas in pencil, using the opposite page of pieces as reference for what to draw. Try to recreate the values (lights and darks) of the original photo.
*Teaching points: value, pencil and shading techniques
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