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"Bouncing Off The Walls"

Choose an object (sphere, box, pyramid, apple, teddy bear, balloon, etc.) Picture the object bouncing off walls. They could be bounding in outer space rooms or you can imagine the effects of gravity on your object. (As an object bounces up it looses speed [shapes spread apart] and as it comes back down it speeds up again [shapes close & overlapping])

Remember the goal is to create an interesting full page design, so think ahead on where you want the paths to go. Paths can cross each other and overlap.
Include 3 stationary objects/shapes on your page that your moving objects can bounce off of. (a chair in the middle of a room, for instance.) Position them to help construct bouncepaths.
Choose a color scheme (suggestion: limit to 4 colors and their closest relations on the color wheel.)
Tips: The more complex (lots of paths), the more interesting. To get realistic "bounces," objects bound away at the same angle at which they hit the wall.
*Teaching points: invention, angles, sequencing, color planning
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