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The thumbnails below are previews of student solutions to the assignments.
To view at a larger size or to print them
for classroom examples, click on the image.
To reach the assignment handout page, click on the assignment title.
File sizes are provided for each image so you can plan your download time.

Illustrate a Joke

Christine Burch (68K)

Lauren Green (50K)


Kelly Ferguson (73K)

Lindsay Estes (91K)

Confetti Names

Gordon Riha (45K)

Malinda Goralski (83K)

Make It Fit

Christine Burch 71K)

Malinda Goralski (75K)

Continuous Line Face

Ardhi Rendadi (74K)

Felipe Guzman (77K)

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This site is no longer being maintained, but will remain online for the use of educators.