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"The OTHER Meaning"

Choose a saying or an idiom that usually doesn't mean what it actually says. Example: "Raining Cats and Dogs." Illustrate the saying in a color composition according to a literal interpretation (exactly what it says) or an alternative interpretation Don't illustrate its idiomatic meaning. Include the saying as part of the design of your full page composition Some sample sayings are below.

Sample Sayings ( or use others that you know )
apple-pie order, apple of his eye, at the tip of my tongue, beauty is only skin deep, too big for his britches, blow hot and cold, blow your stack, bread the ice, cast pearls before swine, cat got your tongue, change of heart, chase a rainbow, chew him out, cold turkey, that's the way the cookie crumbles, cool it, costs a pretty penny, crocodile tears, don't look a gift horse in the mouth, a fish out of water, with flying colors, follow your nose, go bananas, grasp at straws, like greased lightening, I have half a mind to..., hang loose, heart to heart talk, can't hold a candle to..., if the shoe fits, wear it, get up on the wrong side of the bed, in one ear & out the other, in a pickle, in the doghouse, keep your eyes peeled, knuckle down, laugh out of the other side of your mouth, my lips are sealed, off his rocker, off the wall, on the ball on the wagon, over the hill, pass the buck, pay through the nose, play it by ear, play musical chairs poker face, put your best foot forward, rat race, snow job, square meal, stuffed shirt, talk in circles, two-faced, walk on eggs.

*Teaching points: concept, humor, visual puns, composition
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