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Remember good composition rules:

Overlap, run off the page, very the size, repeat shapes, maybe try a "floating rectangle" to create an interesting,
full page. You need to fill the page in an interesting way.

The coloring on this must be very neat and carefully done. Color fairly dark so the color schemes show up well!

 "Fallen Leaves"

It's fall and harvest time! Go "harvest" some leaves!! Find several different types (shapes) of leaves and trace them into your sketchbook. These may have to be repeated several times to make a good composition.

Now divide the page into four separate areas. Please do this creatively also! Then using colored pencils, color each area in one of these four color schemes:

  1. Complimentary colors: colors opposite each other on the color wheel
  2. Analogous colors: three or more colors touching each other on the color wheel
  3. Tints and shades: one of the above two color schemes with white and black added to lighten or darken.
  4. Tones: colors with their complement added- do scheme 1 or 2 in toned colors

*Teaching points: complimentary & analogous color, tints, shades, and tones
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