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Shading: lighter on top, darker beneath

 "Roller Coaster Contrast"

You will be creating at least six continuous bands of color. (You can think of them as loops - like flat and really long rubber bands. )

  1. Each band must reach at least 2 sides of the paper.
  2. Each band must cross or be crossed by at least 2 other bands.
  3. Bands should be at least 1/4" wide, with consistent width.
  4. One path will appear to be above another at each crossing site (you'll have to plan, and erase one set of lines.)
Shading info: Let's assume that things that are closest to us will get more light, and appear lighter, and that things further away from us receive less light, and are therefore darker. As we look at the bands you have drawn, bands passing under others seem far away from us, and bands on top seem near. To emphasize this, shade each band darker when it goes under another, and lighter where it passes above. (Layer combinations of colors to achieve best darks!)

*Teaching points: spatial relationships (overlapping), composition, gradations, and color layering
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