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  1. Contour Lines: Contour lines are marks that precisely follow the curves and planes of an object.
  2. Parallel Lines: Parallel lines are straight marks that extend in the same direction. Sketched free-hand, the lines need not have ruler straight perfection.
  3. Crosshatching: Crosshatching consists of two or more sets of contour or parallel lines that are stroked in different directions and intersect.
  4. Stippling: Stippling is a grouping of dots.
  5. Scribble: A scribble line is a free flowing (but controlled) mark that loops and twists in a sketchy manner.
  6. Wavy Lines: Wavy lines are drawn side by side in a repetitive pattern
  7. Crisscross Lines: Crisscross lines flow with the contour of an object and are arranged in a staggered, randomly crossing manner.


 "Pen & Ink Shading"

There are seven basic strokes used to shade with pen and ink.


In your sketchbook, use a minimum of five different types of strokes to shade from black to white. Fill the page.Try to go from light to dark in the sections.

The areas can be any shape; they don't have to be rectangles.

*Teaching points: pen & ink technique, value, texture, composition
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