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Two techniques to practice that make objects in your drawing look closer or further away:

  1. Overlapping
  2. Change in baseline

 "Bottle Landscapes"

Everyone knows that things that are further away from us look smaller. But what if you can't rely on size to tell the story? This assignment uses plastic bottles, which can be any size. How do you make a big detergent bottle look like it's sitting behind a little eyedrops bottle?

  • Things that are partially covered by another object are seen as being behind the object: (overlapping)
  • Things that are further away are drawn higher on the picture plane. Their bases (bottoms) will be placed higher on the page than the bottles that are supposed to be closer.

Assignment: Take one bottle at a time to your table, and do a contour line drawing of it, starting anywhere on your page. Then do the same thing with another bottle. Fill your page with overlapping bottle shapes. Bottles that are meant to be in front must have a base that is lower on the page than the object that is behind it.

Warning: If the bottom of your front object is higher than the one behind it, your front object will appear to be floating in the air!

For a 2-week assignment: 2nd week: shade the positive & negative spaces with smooth pencil gradations.
*Teaching points: distance relationships, overlapping, placement, picture plane, contour line drawing
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