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The color wheel:

Violet, Red-Violet, Red, Red-Orange, Orange, Orange-Yellow, Yellow, Yellow-Green, Green Green-Blue, Blue, Blue-Violet

 "Blind Contour with Color Wheel"

  • Using your black felt-tip (not roller-balls) do two blind contours of your teachers. Use two pages; draw one on each page.
  • Using colored pencils, turn the most interesting of the two blind contours into a color wheel. The colors must flow in the order of the color wheel.

Be Creative! Design the entire page.
Perhaps use a floating rectangle behind as a way to unify.
The color can go on top or behind the contour figure.
Blend the color very carefully and smoothly.
You'll have to "make" some of the colors by carefully layering two colors on your page.
Maybe use some of the techniques you learned in some of your other sketchbook assignments.

*Teaching points: blind contour, color wheel, blending techniques, composition
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