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This vault contains art and music instructional lesson plans created by faculty, classroom teachers, and students. The information and media objects contained in each lesson plan are original work and may be freely downloaded and used for educational purposes. If you reference any pages, please credit the author of the work.

Art History, Criticism

This lesson teaches students to understand and enjoy various art movements.

Line, Shape and Form: Creating a Newsletter on a Famous Artist
The students learn about the life and works of a famous artist through the development of a newsletter.
Youth Art Month: Drawing for the *YAM Contest and Writing Stories about the "Wild West" for fun
The students celebrate the Wild West by story writing, illustrating, and using technology.
Shape, Form and Color
This lesson teaches students to create interesting images of optical illusion.
Trains in Perspective
Linear perspective is learned through the use of trains.
Recipe Planning, Meal Preparation and Service
This lesson teaches students to serve a well balanced meal for the family.
Writing About Art
This lesson utilizes writing to help students when critiquing a work of art.
Art Teacher's Resource: Sketchbook Assignments
The objective of this site is to create for teachers a sizeable resource for High School Art I sketchbook assignments.

This site is no longer being maintained, but will remain online for the use of educators.