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This vault contains instructional graphics for subject electives. These graphics may be freely downloaded and used for educational purposes only. They may not be sold or repackaged in another format. If you use any images, please credit the author of the work.

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Common Activities

A picture which can be used in the study of foreign language to describe everyday activities.


A simple picture of a taco, which could be used with the study of vocabulary.

A Body Parts Diagram

A picture of a female which a teacher can use when teaching names of body parts.

Greeting People
A picture of two adults greeting one another. The teacher can have the students create the dialogue between the two individuals.

A Market
A picture of a market depicting fruit and vegetables.

A Pear
Yo como una pera. Have students describe what they are eating.

A picture to be used for diagraming articles of clothing.

"Le Petit Prince"
This is a book cover from the French book, Le Petit Prince.

School Supplies
A picture of school supplies.

A picture of six different sports.

A picture of people wearing different articles of clothing.

Everyday Chores
A picture of many different household activies.

A Day at the Beach
A picture of the beach.

What Are We Doing?
A picture of different people completing different activities.

The Subjects
A picture of identiying items for each subject area.

A cartoon about shopping.

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